Tuesday, January 24

bonnie & clyde

I'd like to introduce you to Bonnie (right) & Clyde (left), our 8 year old Miniature Pinschers. Little did we know how completely appropriate their names would be! They are brother and sister, altho their nicknames are 'Clyde the Cowardly' and 'Bonnie the Brave'.  We say all the time what a mistake they were... they are yappy, loud, and spastic little dogs, but truly we do love them. They are almost more like house cats than dogs. Their favorite place is curled up on the back of the couch cushions watching the world go by or tucked under the blankets snuggled up around our legs. Especially in winter.. they don't like the cold. Neither do I.. perhaps I can find a family to adopt me, give me two meals a day and let me sleep curled up in a cozy ball til spring.. sounds like heaven!

Clyde, lounging in front of our tree..

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