Friday, January 20

Cleaning house...

**Aaahhaa!! It worked! FYI, I had to upload the image for my header into this post and then get the URL, then post the URL into the header setup box. The traditional option for uploading a header was drastically distorting my image. Nothing like making it complicated Blogger!**

I am desperately trying to upload a new header for my blog. I decided it was time to lighten things up a bit and switch from black to white. As with most images, they are more appealing to the eye against a black background, but the whole blog was feeling a twee bit too dungeon for me. The time for light, bright, and clean is at hand. Blogger is not cooperating (that's not unusual) but always at the most inopportune times. :/

If this sideways route to getting the above image up as my blog header works you'll be able to see it at the tippy top. And, if not, then you can atleast enjoy it here!


georgia b. said...

i love it! and i do see it tippy top, too. it's so much brighter and cheerful!... but still has a wintery feel. well done!

yes, blogger has been acting up the past couple days... maybe it's the weather? it's snowing like crazy here. maybe it's causing a bad connection for me, and thus, it's difficult to do anything on blogger... make changes and such.

{oh, just saw your **note. did you know you can upload your header via flickr? i have done that more recently, because i notice that when i try to upload from my computer, blogger changes the color and crispness of my images. but if i do it via flickr, it does not alter my image. just a thought.}

Anke Martin said...

I do love it! Especially the 'thank' I have to reread your instructions...because uploading is sometimes a challenge here, I agree, have a great weekend, smiles, Anke :)