Friday, January 20

Organizing Hats, Gloves, Scarves, etc.. for a family of 5!

In winter's past we have been buried under the avalanche of hats, mittens, gloves, scarves, earmuffs, neck warmers, snow pants, coats, boots, etc... last year I finally realized it was taking waaaay too long to get out the door with three kiddos, three hats, six matching mittens/gloves, and hopefully 3 pairs of matching boots. That's when the $5.00 plastic hanging shoe caddy that would most certainly be a topic of nightmares for Martha Stewart, came into my life. It's not attractive, it's not sturdy, it's not handcrafted, and it's probably riddled with BPA. Given all of that, it is the most practical organization tool in my entire house. This thing works. Overtime. For free. It's hard core labor.

The scarves hang from $1 wreath hangers.  They are actually on clearance at our Walmart right now for 25 cents, as they are 75% off with the Christmas things. They work soooo well!! We can see all the scarves we have and it only takes a split second to grab one. These would work great in a regular closet for ties and purses as well.

A few rules for it to truly work:
1.)  It needs to have CLEAR pockets, they are a must.. I tried a more attractive, linen looking version and it didn't work. You have to be able to SEE the ENTIRE contents of each pocket (just in case a rogue mitten goes AWOL).
2.) It needs to hang on the OUTSIDE of your closet/hallway door, where you can see it. In full view. I tried it on the other side of the door. Obviously a much more 'clutter free' look, but the kids won't put things in it if they have to open the door first. I won't put things in it if I have to open the door first.
3.) Keep things where they can be reached. ie.. the bottom rows are for my wee girls, (ages 4 & 6), the middle for my 13 yr old and the top rows for my husband and I. That way everyone can reach to grab or put away their own things.

Do I still end up being the only one who puts things in the pockets? Usually. When we enter the house everyone tosses their stuff willy nilly and I quickly grab everything and chuck it in the pockets. It is easy peasy and if you are good enough to get your kids (or husband) trained to put things away themselves then more power to ya!

When we are heading out the door.. it's all right there. Love. it.

Do you have any 'can't live without' organization solutions? Share, I'd love to peek! They don't have to be pretty just have to WORK.


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